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RAVE Awards Form

RAVE Awards Submission

The annual Cornerstone Client RAVE Awards (Remarkable Achievements and Visionary Elites) recognize and honor organizations that have developed and implemented innovative approaches to using our solutions.

Nominations must be received by September 17. Winners will be announced at this year's event. We look forward to receiving your nominations!

Please select the platform you’re referring to in your award or speaking submission.
Award Categories

Please review the criteria and complete the submission form for the category or categories that most closely align to your organization’s success.

1. People Experience

Winners in this category will show how their organization made significant contributions to improve their employee experience. Judges will be looking for examples that emphasize the impacts your initiatives have had spanning multiple aspects of the talent experience – from recruiting to development, to coaching and career growth. This is the broadest category of awards. An emphasis will be put on those implementing particularly innovative approaches in the end-to-end experience for people and demonstrable results.

2. Recruiting and Onboarding Experience

Winners in this category will show how they developed a candidate recruitment onboarding experience that set their organization apart and delivered on their objectives. Given the dramatic change of the past 18 months – from Covid response, to virtual hiring, to DE&I initiatives, and internal mobility what did you do differently to address you evolving talent acquisition goals?

3. Learning & Development Experience

Winners in this category will show how they made fundamental or innovative changes to their approach to learning and development and that had a significant impact to learners and the organization, or perhaps learners outside of your organization! We’re interested in hearing about new techniques, strategies or methods used to achieve your goals.

4. Performance & Career Growth Strategy

Winners in this category will show how their strategy for performance and career growth had a significant impact on their people or their organization. Elements of this strategy could include performance coaching and feedback initiatives, career mobility programs, mentorship initiatives and more.

5. Content Adoption Strategy

In this category judges are looking for examples of customers that have amped up the adoption of their CCA content. We’d love to hear how you managed to drive the adoption of self-directed learning, how you effectively engaged your learners in leveraging your content, and how this changed or supported your organizations learning and development strategy. What new approaches did you use and what was the impact?

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