Cornerstone Solutions & Services

The Cornerstone Partner & Product Park will give you insight into additional Cornerstone solutions and services. Spend time with a developer, learn about different content service offerings or get involved with our Client Engagement programs.

Discover. Connect. Learn. Get Inspired.

Park Hours

June 3, 2019 (Monday)


June 4, 2019 (Tuesday)



June 5, 2019 (Wednesday)



Cornerstone Foundation

Discover the many ways you and your company can partner with the Cornerstone Foundation to transform the way people help people. Take advantage of to efficiently prepare your employees to become volunteers in disaster response. This new program is a great way to deliver free training, engage your employees, and bolster your company’s CSR initiatives.

Looking to use your HR expertise to give back directly to a nonprofit? The HR Pro Bono Corps is your chance to be matched with a nonprofit or social enterprise in need of talent management consulting. Projects are all conducted virtually and range from short coaching sessions to team-based consulting engagements. Stop by the Cornerstone Foundation booth to learn more about its impact-driven programs.

Cornerstone for SMB

Stop by the Cornerstone SMB booth for a one-on-one demonstrations of the products available, including PiiQ Performance and PiiQ Learning. Sit in on any of the three SMB-centric sessions to hear inspiring success stories.

Global Client Engagement

Meet Cornerstone’s Client Engagement team and discover the many ways you can get involved in Cornerstone’s strong client community. The Client Engagement team offers a diverse set of programs that will help you learn from and connect with other clients to get the most out of your Cornerstone experience. Stop by to say hi and learn about the programs that may best suit you.

Cornerstone Labs

Cornerstone Labs researches, designs, tests and prototypes the next generation of innovative ideas at Cornerstone. Cornerstone Labs is not a “think tank”, it’s a “do tank.” Cornerstone Labs explores industry trends, then moves the highest potential ideas from concept to prototype.

Cornerstone Engineers

Meet with tech and product management experts that develop the Cornerstone products and roadmap for future releases. Learn how Cornerstone successfully delivers SaaS technology and have your architecture, security, deployment and system compatibility questions answered.

Cornerstone Product Showcase

Stop by the Cornerstone booth for live demonstrations where our knowledgeable solution consultants and product specialists will showcase Cornerstone’s Recruiting, Learning, Performance and HR Suites. Cornerstone’s experts can also provide demonstrations for any Cornerstone product and answer your questions.

CyberU Enterprise

Empower your employees with CyberU Enterprise — modern, mobile-ready courses curated exclusively for Cornerstone Learning clients. CyberU Enterprise offers in-demand and up-to-date content that is seamlessly loaded into your LMS. One subscription gives you unlimited access to more than 1,000 courses created by over 100 leading instructors. With quarterly updates to the content library, employees can take courses on the most relevant and trending topics. Swing by for a quick demo and receive some stellar swag from the CyberU team.


Leading Microlearning®, powering Cornerstone Content Anytime subscriptions. Power compliance, develop your people and transform your business with relevant, content that learners actually enjoy. Available through Content Anytime, equip your team to thrive in critical areas like compliance, leadership, and productivity, thanks to our binge-worthy Microlearning® content. Our in-house team of experts are continually expanding the Grovo library using our proprietary Microlearning® framework. The result is a vast selection of impactful content to help you achieve your L&D goals, engage your employees and drive your business forward.