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Featured guests and keynote speakers

Dan Levy

Emmy® Award-winning writer, actor, director, and producer

Meeting the Moment with Dan Levy

We give rise to our greatest work when we embrace the strengths that lie in our unique individuality, and we build a shared vision for something better. Award-winning actor, writer, director and producer Dan Levy shares his personal journey of using creativity to overcome obstacles and meet the moment. Dan’s belief and passion united an award-winning cast, crew, and a massive international fan base in envisioning a world where each person is celebrated for who they are and can grow personally and professionally to achieve their own purpose.

Malala Yousafzai

Co-Founder of Malala Fund and Nobel Laureate

A Moment with Malala

What does it take to move forward in the face of adversity? To pursue a higher purpose, in spite of targeted violent backlash? When Pakistani education activist, Malala Yousafzai was just 15 she learned the answers to these questions as she recovered from an assassination attempt by the Taliban. She had the choice to live a quiet life stifled by the threat to her safety, or to make the most of the new life she had been given. She was determined to continue her fight so that every girl could go to school. Now the youngest Nobel Laureate, recent Oxford graduate, and co-founder of Malala Fund, Malala shares her story of personal resilience and collective purpose in driving global education for girls everywhere.

David Meade

International Speaker & Broadcaster Convergence Host and Master of Ceremonies

Cornerstone Keynotes

Phil Saunders

CEO Cornerstone

Heidi Spirgi

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

Ajay Awatramani

Chief Product Officer Cornerstone

Vincent Belliveau

Chief International Officer Cornerstone

Summer Salomonsen

Vice President, Content Product Cornerstone

What sessions are made of

With can’t-miss keynote presentations and four inspiring break-out tracks, you can build the Convergence schedule that works for you.

Product Meetups

Join our product experts to learn about capabilities, innovations, and the road ahead for Cornerstone, Saba Cloud, TalentSpace, and TalentLink products. In our training lab product meet-ups, you'll learn insights that bring theory into practice so you can make the most of your solutions.

Customer Spotlights

Imagination. Innovation. Inspiration. These sessions bring together our customer community to share ideas, aha moments, and creative ways they've delivered meaningful outcomes for their people and their organizations. You'll get powerful lessons from global customers just like you.

Bold Thinkers

Hear from industry thought leaders about big ideas and the latest trends in all things talent and people. Whether it's the newest research or bold concepts shaping industries, these talks are designed to inspire you with new ideas about the future of work and your role in shaping it.

The Content Channel

The Cornerstone Studios Team welcomes you to a new world of ideas shaping the future of our learning content. These delightful talks will feature what's new in content and how to strategically align your learning and content strategies to create meaningful development experiences.

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