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20,000 people experienced Convergence last year

Don't miss this opportunity to join them!

What sessions are made of

With can’t-miss keynote presentations and four inspiring break-out tracks, you can build the Convergence schedule that works for you.

Product Meetups

Join our product experts to learn about capabilities, innovations, and the road ahead for Cornerstone, Saba Cloud, TalentSpace, and TalentLink products. In our training lab product meet-ups, you'll learn insights that bring theory into practice so you can make the most of your solutions.

Customer Spotlights

Imagination. Innovation. Inspiration. These sessions bring together our customer community to share ideas, aha moments, and creative ways they've delivered meaningful outcomes for their people and their organizations. You'll get powerful lessons from global customers just like you.

Bold Thinkers

Hear from industry thought leaders about big ideas and the latest trends in all things talent and people. Whether it's the newest research or bold concepts shaping industries, these talks are designed to inspire you with new ideas about the future of work and your role in shaping it.

The Content Channel

The Cornerstone Studios Team welcomes you to a new world of ideas shaping the future of our learning content. These delightful talks will feature what's new in content and how to strategically align your learning and content strategies to create meaningful development experiences.

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"Convergence has always been one of the best software users conferences around, but you've outdone yourself with this free event. I appreciate your investment in giving us a positive, inspiring, informative experience."