Breakout Sessions

Convergence features over 50 sessions across 12 tracks designed to help deliver strategic value to your organization’s workforce initiatives, no matter what role you play.

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We’re working hard to provide you with the best sessions this year. Please revisit this page in early 2019 for full descriptions of our breakout sessions.

Program Tracks by Role


These sessions will focus on leadership best practices, idea incubation and real-life examples of leading change.

Business Process Owner

These sessions will show you how to best leverage Cornerstone’s solutions and ensure employees are developing the skills they need to succeed. Learn how to exercise leadership in critical talent initiatives, such as managing, developing and retaining talent.


Learn how to get the most out of using custom welcome pages, managing security roles, designing video courses and automating your learning deployments. Presenters will share best practices for administering the Cornerstone solution.

New Client

During these sessions, you will learn implementation and change management best practices, as well as the latest in Cornerstone’s commitment to support and service. Hear from experienced clients about how to prepare your organization for a talent management solution, including industry-leading practices in people, process and technology.

Prospective Client

Considering joining the Cornerstone family? This track is perfect for organizations attending Convergence to learn more about Cornerstone, our people, our products and our approach to working with clients for the long haul.


For the more technically inclined, gain a better understanding of what’s under the hood of the Cornerstone suite and what the company is doing to help you maximize your technology investments. Topic areas range from data privacy and security, Big Data, and machine learning, to workforce analytics, tech integrations, the Cornerstone development cycle and more.

Program Tracks by Interest


The technology track is a great way to learn more about the Cornerstone software development lifecycle, data integrations and SSO secrets.

Product Training

Attend these training sessions and learn how to create powerful content, generate custom reports, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.

Product Adoption

Sessions include topics ranging from collaborative learning to predictive analytics. You will walk away with best practices for increasing user adoption in your organization.

Process Design

Created for the more advanced Cornerstone user, these sessions will provide a deep-dive into several client portals, providing examples of challenges and best practice solutions.

Business Case

Looking to build a business case for additional solutions or services? Attend these sessions to gain tips for creating more value in your organization.

Business Impact

Attend these sessions to learn more about specific ways to realize meaningful business impact from your engagement with Cornerstone. While no two organizations approach this issue in the same way, this track will give you tried-and-tested approaches to maximizing the impact of your TM strategies on your specific lines of business.